Fairground Rides

As part of our work in stem week, looking at renewable and non renewable energy, we have designed and created fairground rides. We were using solar batteries originally, a renewable energy source, however we had trouble getting the battery to work. We resorted to our usual brand of batteries which worked fantastically.

We created some amazing designs of carousels and ferris wheels. Here are a few…


MAD Science

The Year 6 children enjoyed learning more about electricity this afternoon with the MAD Science workshop.

Wind Turbines

Today, in STEM week, the Pandas have been learning about renewable and non-renewable power sources.

From this, they made their own wind turbines, with the aim to lift a cup off the floor using an efficient blade and mechanism.

Definitely a trial and error challenge!

Pandas Research Homework, due: Monday 19th June

History Topic Homework: Due in Monday 19th June

During the Ancient Greek period, there were differences between the beliefs of Athenians and Spartans.


Research these differences between life in Athens and Sparta, as well as the Athenian and Spartan people (men/women; boys/girls; soldiers (armour); slaves; foreigners, politics).

Consider why they held these beliefs.


You can present this in any way you wish, eg, PowerPoint, poster, information booklet.

French Theatre Morning

Yesterday, the Year 6 children visited Grove Primary School to watch a French production of ‘Shipwrecked’.

New vocabulary was learned, and the children really enjoyed themselves…they even enjoyed the walk back!


When was the Ancient Greek era?

Today, the Pandas have been looking where Greece is in the world using an atlas.

Then, using a human timeline, the children identified where the Ancient Greek period was in the history of time.

Then we discussed BC/BCE and AD/CE, and how we know the difference. Once the dates were revealed, the Pandas ordered the periods in chronological order.